M2M Solutions and Technologies


M2M Challenges

An individual carries a fairly large number of devics these days from smart phones, laptops, key less entry systems, driving cars equiped with electronioc devices, house hold items that do not intreact other devices carried by same individual. While spending an entire day at work, the same individual encounters a fairly large of autonomus devices that do not communicate with each other. An anverage one person is connected to close to 180 plus devices that do not seemlesly communicate with each other.


    Health Care Industry - SoluComp is opening a new divison in 2015 that will build the bridge between current medical devices inability to communicate with other machines wirelessley.
    Smart Grid / Utilities Industry - SoluComp is working with major utility companies in North America exploring the next generation of technologies that can ehnance the current smart grid solutions.
    People and Home Security - Devleoping standards to completely automate personal and home security solutions.
    Automobile Industry - LTE enbaled cars that will seamlessy connect with other smart devices to provide a total personal experience.
    Industrial Applications - Such as smart manufacturing devices and sensors that connect and provide a complete end to end automation solution.
    Home Automation - Home appliances provides personalized experience based ont eh needs of the each individual int he household.



M2M Gateway

SoluComp is currently working with medical, car manufacturing and wireless industries in developing a platform that will allow machines to be able to communicate with each other via bluetooth, wireless, wifi, wired and various other mechanisms.


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